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Edible Schoolyard NOLA

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Changing the way children and familieseat, learn and live at FirstLine Schools in New Orleans.

Arthur Ashe Charter School

Arthur Ashe Charter School students eat their lunch while gazing out a picture frame of gorgeous, native and exotic shade plants, showcasing the school's kitchen herb and flower garden.  Stepping out into the garden to pick a bouquet of flowers or a sprig of rosemary, the school community delights in the monarchs and swallow tails dancing about, and a flash of green and purple from a dragonfly's wing will draw their attention to the lush rain garden and pond situated at the low point of the landscape.

With a culinary garden just outside a full wall of windows in the school cafe, every single teacher, staff person, and student at Arthur Ashe will experience the beauty of growing, when entering and exiting the school, during breakfast and lunch, and often in between.

Plans are developing for a one-acre teaching and production garden, to be located behind the school. Stay tuned for details on how you may get involved and help build this future garden oasis. 

Parent Testimonial Video about Arthur Ashe Charter School